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Undoubtedly, the name of Iran’s carpet is tied with name of the Tabriz, and the Azerbaijan, Although worlds knows as beautiful Persian carpets. About a century ago we are trying to promote Iranian carpets and introduce elegance and beauty. We have tried to provide the best and most exquisite carpets and handmade carpets from Tabriz, through various exhibitions, designs, drawings and originality of Tabriz rug to preserve for today and for future generations. But "Tabriz Carpet" itself represents all the beauty, elegance and culture, and art of Iran. Art dating back several thousand years of history of the peoples in this land.
The result of this 100 years effort, is creating the country's largest carpet manufacturer with 600 carpet shops and use of 900 artist skillful weaver is considered one of the oldest practitioners of this beautiful industry, played an important role in introducing and promoting the status of Iranian carpets and especially the Tabriz rug.
Tabriz’s Carpets and rugs in addition to handmade carpet also works on handmade carpet panel and setup various exhibitions in various cities of handmade rugs and carpets, the art of carpet weaving in Azerbaijan, Tabriz carpet, especially around the nation and is open to the public.
Currently co Tabriz carpets and rugs using ideas and new ways of producing and delivering carpet, Trying to update the original art and meet the needs of customers in domestic and international taste.
Carpet manufacturing company improved using a variety of colors and minerals and provides the facility to sell the customer, and the ID of his carpets intends to reconcile the pure art with Iranians taste.

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Unit H3, 7th floor, City Tower, 29 Bahman Blvd., Tabriz, East Azarbaijan, Iran

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