Jalali's Carpet Is a Manifestation of The Glory And Beauty of an Ancient Art

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About Jalali Carpet Company

Undoubtedly, the name of Iran’s carpet is tied with name of the Tabriz, and the Azerbaijan, Although worlds knows as beautiful Persian carpets. About a century ago we are trying to promote Iranian carpets and introduce elegance and beauty. We have tried to provide the best and most exquisite carpets and handmade carpets from Tabriz, through various exhibitions, designs, drawings and originality of Tabriz rug to preserve for today and for future generations. But "Tabriz Carpet" itself represents all the beauty, elegance and culture, and art of Iran. Art dating back several thousand years of history of the peoples in this land.

The result of this 100 years effort, is...



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Central Office Address:

Unit H3, 7th floor, City Tower, 29 Bahman Blvd., Tabriz, East Azarbaijan, Iran

Email: info[@] jalali-carpet.com

Phone: (+98)041-33248201

Fax: (+98)041-33248034

Mobile: (+98)09141161890

نمایشگاه فرش و تابلوفرش دستباف تبریز

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سه راه باراجین- تالار شهر
زمان بازدید:27 لغایت 31 خرداد ماه 1398
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 10:30 الی 13:30
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نمایشگاه فرش و تابلوفرش دستباف تبریز

مکان: کرمانشاه
محل دائمی نمایشگاه های بین المللی کرمانشاه
زمان بازدید:3 لغایت 7 تیر ماه 1398
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16:00 الی 21:30